Phillippo Prevails

Jehovah God, our Foundation- Phillippo Prevails. Certainly a very fitting thematic focus of the 200th Anniversary of the Phillippo Baptist Church, which was established in 1818.

The 200th Anniversary celebrations were launched on Sunday, January 21, 2018 with a special church service on the church’s significant milestone and reflected on its value and importance in our society. Some other events throughout the year will include the 200th Anniversary Harvest of the Pastors, a Family Focus Symposium and a Medi-Clinic Expo.

Phillippo Baptist Church is an institution whose history is closely linked with our country’s struggles towards emancipation. James Murcell Phillippo, one of the founding fathers and whom the church is named after, acquired lands with the end of slavery in 1838, to establish free villages, churches and schools; and still today Phillippo, continues to be a symbol of hope and freedom in our society.

In his sermon at the 200th Anniversary service, President of the Jamaica Baptist Union and Pastor of the Boulevard Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Devon Dick challenged us to have a vision like James Phillippo- A Call to Action. He says as believers in Christ, we should be practitioners of Power Praying and rise up and be involved in the mission 2020 of the church.

As we celebrate and congratulate the Phillippo Baptist Church on its 200th Anniversary, the lyrics of part of their theme song rightly puts it, ‘Today we bend our hearts in praise, giving thanks, to Jehovah God, for the many servants, clergy and laity and the varied ministries we extend to all. Jehovah God, our Foundation, Hallelujah-Phillippo Prevails’.

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